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Plymouth Domestic Assault Attorney Protecting Your Rights

Domestic assault charges are no joke. Simply being arrested for domestic assault can carry long-lasting and widespread consequences that are not limited to the courts. If you’ve been charged with domestic assault, it is vital that you move quickly to secure an experienced criminal defense attorney who can guide you on the best course of action for your case. Neuville Law Office helps Plymouth residents deal with domestic assault allegations to protect their legal standing and their reputations.

What Qualifies as Domestic Assault in Minnesota?

Domestic assault is a term that most people are familiar with, but many people do not know what it actually means. While people may casually label many aggressive behaviors as domestic assault, the law defines it as any action which causes bodily harm or the fear of bodily harm to a family member. Things like physical violence, sexual violence, and threatening behavior like stalking all qualify as domestic assault, while other confrontational behaviors like minor pushing, harsh or cruel language, standing in someone’s way, or restraining them to prevent self-harm do not. Acting in self-defense also does not qualify as domestic assault.

Repercussions of Domestic Assault Charges

Needless to say, a domestic assault conviction can follow you the rest of your life. You may receive jail time, mandatory counseling, and probation. However, you may also experience serious social consequences: losing your job or having difficulty finding another one, damaged relationships, and difficulty securing housing are all common experiences. On top of that, during your trial and any probation, you may receive a domestic abuse no contact order, also known as a DANCO, which prohibits you from contacting your alleged victim or any children. Violating a DANCO carries penalties just as serious as committing domestic assault in the first place.

Plymouth Criminal Defense Attorney

The best way to protect yourself and your reputation if you’ve been arrested for domestic assault is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Neuville Law Office has helped countless Plymouth residents represent themselves in court and in their communities.  Attorney Luke Neuville will take the time to understand your side of the story to provide the most effective representation possible. By developing a strategy for your unique needs, Luke will maximize your chances at a positive outcome for your case.

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