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Although the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America protects our right to bear arms, the actual legalities of owning and carrying a firearm are not always so straightforward. Firearm charges can carry serious fines and jail time, and repeated violations will be charged as felonies. Neuville Law Office thoroughly understands state and federal firearm laws and can help you put together the best defense if you have been charged with a firearm violation.

Carrying a Firearm in Minnesota

Minnesota allows any eligible individual to own a gun and carry it in their home, their business, a repair shop, or the store where they purchased it. In order to carry a firearm in other locations, a permit is required. Locations where you can never carry a firearm include a jail, a facility for sex offenders or individuals with mental illness, a courthouse, a school or daycare, and any private business which prohibits firearms.

Penalties for Firearm Charges

First and foremost, if you are ineligible to legally own a firearm, getting caught with a gun will carry serious legal repercussions. Reasons for being ineligible include being on probation after a felony, being in the United States illegally, being dishonorably discharged from the military, being legally committed from a mental illness, being convicted of domestic violence, or currently facing felony charges.

Most firearm charges are considered gross misdemeanors and can carry up to a year in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. If you have previously been convicted of firearm charges, you will likely be charged with a felony, which will carry even more severe penalties. Bringing a gun into a prohibited place will generally result in a felony the first time. Additionally, if you have been charged with another crime will in possession of a firearm, your charges will likely be enhanced.

Protect Your Rights

If you’ve been charged with a firearm offense, it is vital that you secure an experienced criminal defense attorney to stand up for your rights. Luke Neuville will relentlessly advocate for your interests to ensure that your legal rights are defended. With thousands of cases under his belt, Luke knows what it takes to craft effective defense strategies to eliminate or reduce the charges against you and get a satisfactory result for your case.

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