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Domestic Assault Attorney Standing Up for the Accused in Hopkins

Society has a very strong reaction when it comes to domestic assault charges, often with good reason. However, if you’ve been arrested for domestic assault, this can make clearing your name feel like an impossible task. It may feel like your case has already been decided before you have even gotten to tell your side of the story. At Neuville Law Office, we’re here to tell you that your voice matters. We believe that everyone deserves a fair shake and have helped countless clients in Hopkins assert their innocence against criminal charges.

What Does Domestic Assault Mean in Minnesota?

There is often some confusion about what constitutes domestic assault, and people often assume the category is much larger than it is. To qualify as domestic assault, an action must cause bodily harm or create a fear of bodily harm in a family member or relative. The assault can be purely physical, sexual, or can just occur as threatening behavior, like stalking. Other behaviors that might occur in the course of a domestic dispute, like minor pushing, yelling or harsh language, standing in someone’s way, or restraining them from committing violence against themselves or others do not qualify as domestic assault. When it comes to trials, these are often very important distinctions.

What are the Stakes for Domestic Assault Charges?

The stakes for a domestic assault arrest are high and occur both through the legal system and in society at large. Common outcomes for a conviction include jail time, mandatory counseling, and probation. Domestic assault charges often come with a domestic abuse no contact order (DANCO), which prohibits you from having contact with your alleged victim and any involved children. A DANCO can even prevent you from living in your own home during your trial. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there: a domestic assault conviction can follow you for years and impact potential employers, housing, and future relationships.

Skilled Legal Defense for Domestic Assault

If you’re facing a serious criminal charge, you need a serious criminal defense attorney. Luke Neuville will examine every aspect of your case and the evidence against you to develop a strategy for your unique situation. There’s a lot of complexity to any domestic assault charge: maybe the claim was false, maybe the actions you took did not actually constitute assault, or maybe you were acting in self-defense. Whatever the case, Luke will take the time to understand your side of the story and will fearlessly advocate for your innocence in court.

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